Stop saying you don’t have the time

Time. Such a great frightening beast… Despite the fact that it is nothing but an illusion, it rules over us, lives with(in) all of us, destroys us one millisecond at a time. It would be so easy to give in to it, to keep pretending nothing can be done. But the fight is not over. No! There is still time to fight on and stop wasting the most valuable resource of all! There is still time to value your life like your value money! There is still time to open your eyes, every day, and live your best life!

Make the time

Let me repeat myself : time is an illusion. It does not exist and, thus, should not be governing us. Who decided 12 months in a year made more sense than twenty, anyway ? Ahem… I’m getting ahead of myself. What I truly mean is, time is extremely flexible because it is unreal. Which also means, we are free to organize it as we please.

Let me ask you a quick question :

Do you want to do something about this ? For real ? You sure ? Then do something about it ! Stop procrastinating and make time in your day to actually do it. Be in control !

A Personal Story

When I was in Oxford studying hard to get my CELTA certificate, I was living with a man whose name I will not write down. He was older than me and, in countless ways, much wiser. He gave me great advice regarding my wellness when my only preoccupation was my efficiency. I would get up at 5 a.m every day and fall asleep around 10.30 p.m-11 p.m and he noticed how hard I was working.

Every day, he would tell me to take some time for myself and not forget to take a few hours off when the weekend came. I listened to his advice. Not that I had a lot of time to chill during the week but I would take 3 to 4 hours off on Saturdays and Sundays.

3 to 4 hours off ? ISN’t IT A LOT ? It is. And how did I do it ? I organized myself. I made time. I would get up extra early, work as hard as possible in the morning, when my brain was fresh and reactive, and then get out around 1 or 2 p.m to have lunch with a friend. I am not saying you should organize yourself the same way I did, but find something which works for you. It will make you much happier (if you aren’t already doing it).

I learned a lot from that experience. My host asked me once if I had gone out to relax. That day is the last time I said “I don’t have the time”, because he answered : “No, you didn’t make the time” and something clicked inside of me. We ALWAYS have the time, whether we are aware of it or not. The question then is : do you want to take it ? Do you want to organize yourself differently so that you can do this one thing ?

Small is better than none (Sorry, it doesn’t rhyme)

If you do something 10 minutes a day, you’ll move much faster than if you do it zero minute a day. True story. Now, would you dare say you don’t have 10 minutes to dedicate to yourself in a day ? If your answer is no, I am sorry for you.

In 10 minutes, you can meditate, you can learn a foreign language, you can stop and listen to the wind…

Stop making excuses & be honest with yourself

Perhaps you don’t want to take the time to learn a foreign language and would rather spend that time doing some other activity.

If you are honest about your goals, you won’t feel guilty anymore. If you say to people you have been dreaming about learning to play the guitar for so many years and you have never done it, chances are you don’t really want to learn to play it.

I am not saying you should take 5 hours every day to do whatever you like. We don’t all have that luxury. I am saying you should turn your mindset around and stop lying to yourself. There is time. But it’s not about time, really. It’s about you. It’s about your volition. About your desire to be honest with yourself.

If someone asks you “do you have the time for this ?”, you should really understand this question this way : “Do I want to do this ?”

It’s All About Being Organized

Organization, self-discipline… these words aren’t fun, I know. They can really change your life though. What if they became your friends ? What if they could be fun ? I intend to make a longer article on that topic, so I won’t say too much here. I encourage you however, to begin thinking of a way to organize yourself, a way to make time for what truly matters for you.

Perhaps you can take your eyes off your smartphone, put it back in your bag and open a book. All of a sudden, you can read in the bus, in the train, during a flight…

You don’t have time for an extra-curricular activity and would like to meet new people ? Just take the earphones off for a second, and become available to meet others.

Small things… Aren’t they just the best ?

* * *

I hope this article can be of some use to you. If you know someone who needs a push or isn’t very organized, it may give them some motivation. Feel free to share it with them (or not), and do the usual liking, commenting and subscribing (if I am worth your time).

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