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My Dearest Mad-Readers,

When I woke up today, I was very surprised to find out that a great blogger had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Shruti only joined the WordPress community a few weeks ago and her potential has already been acknowledged. Congrats!! If you have a few minutes to spare, check her blog out ! πŸ™‚

I find it most generous to give other bloggers more visibility on the web. So thank you, not only to you Shruti but also to all the people who take some time in their days to read my work.


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2. Make sure you list the rules and post the photo of the award logo.

3. Answer the questions that the nominator asked you.

4. Nominate other bloggers and ask them your some questions.

5. Notify your nominees by commenting on one of their recent posts.

Question I was asked

Who inspires you the most ?

So many fictional characters inspire me… I will choose a real author whose success inspires me a lot : Brandon Sanderson. He wrote the Mistborn Trilogies, which have entirely changed my life and given me a new perspective of society and political systems. I recommend it to everyone, especially if you are into Epic Fantasy.

Why do you enjoy writing and blogging?

I have been writing for… 11 years ? Time flies by, it is unbelievable. I began writing when I was 11 years old (which makes me 22, just saying for those who are great at math like me). First, writing (in French) was a way of expressing feelings I would hide to others. At some point, when there was no more love or passion or sadness to write about, I merely stopped writing, or made it a hobby I’d exceptionally practice. Then it dawned on me : writing’s primary objective is to tell stories and share them with others. So I began writing again (I have some projects such as an epic fantasy novel on the work) and also translating my previous work. Blogging is but my latest finding to accomplish a much bigger goal : Sharing, inspiring, helping…

Do you prefer reading texts, or poetry, and why?

I generally read prose. Epic fantasy novels to be more specific, but I love poetry for you can express feelings in a way which can be both nonsensical and still extremely meaningful. I wouldn’t say I have a preference for either of them, I simply enjoy them for different reasons. When I read a poem, I am not looking for any rationality, only emotions, authenticity. When I read an epic-fantasy novel, I want to escape this world entirely and explore someone else’s, discover the complexity of another political system… I just want to live a dream. When you read stories, you can live thousands of lives and travel to many a country and stay comfortable on your bed. Is it not the dream?

What music do you like to listen to ?

A simple, yet difficult question. I listen to pretty much everything. I mostly listen to covers on YouTube and movie soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are my best friends. Not that I am not curious or eager to know more about classical music but it’s not my priority. Movies rock, they just do.

Link to any article / poem from any forum that gave you joy this week.

As she nominated me, I will show some gratitude and share a poem I liked a lot on Shruti’s site :

It is called Cry and it addresses an issue that is dear to me : vulnerability. We are all humans, we are all struggling (even those who are good at hiding it), and there is nothing wrong in showing weakness from time to time. Life is hard, but together we can explore our full potentials!

My Nominees

Some of you began following my blog recently, others have been supporting me since its very beginning. Thanks to all of you for trusting me and for publishing great content on the web !

My Questions

For the first four questions, forgive my lack of originality, but I am a curious cat.

  1. What is your favorite movie ? (If there are several, you can list several)
  2. What is your favorite novel ? (Same as question #1)
  3. What is your favorite poem ? (Same as question #1)
  4. What is your favorite song ? (Same as question #1)
  5. If your house was on fire and you had to pick three items before exiting, which ones would they be ?
  6. A genie grants you three wishes… what would they be ?
  7. And finally, which blog post (it can be any format you like) has most inspired you in the last two weeks ?

May I Repeat ?

If you liked this post, feel free to shoot the like button (perhaps it dies, perhaps it doesn’t. but how would we know if we don’t try?), comment &/or follow me (if you aren’t already). I also took some time to customize the share buttons at the bottom of this article (#visibility #dedication).

I wish you all a very happy blogging.

Be safe,



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  1. Thank you for sharing my work. I think your blog is very witty, blunt and unique – and hence I enjoy reading it. Also, thanks for accepting the nomination πŸ™‚

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