Investing in my blog

My Dearest Mad-readers,

I am most excited to announce you I have decided to invest in this blog and our community. As far as I can remember, I have always liked writing, considering the logical follow-up to reading. As this blog is growing, I find it more and more enriching and rewarding to write. Sharing my work every day, or even every week, has been a life-changer and I thank you again for giving me this opportunity.

Changed Theme

The first change my blog has gone through is a change of theme. I switched from Brompton to Canard and I admit this theme fits my needs much more. First of all, it is aesthetically more pleasing to look at and, second of all, it makes my content more accessible, more visible. Do you like this change of scenery ? Drop a like if you do, or tell me in the comments if you liked it better before (so that we can agree to disagree LOL)

Changed Plan

As I wasn’t happy with several things the free plan went with, I decided to upgrade to WordPress premium plan. I wanted this site to look more professional, and that started with getting more options and features in terms of customization. I also wasn’t satisfied with WordPress ads. To wrap it all up, I just felt too limited.

Changed Domain Name

Thanks to the decision I mentioned up above regarding my plan, I now have a custom domain name ( With a bit more work, I hope Google can find me more easily than before.

I did have some doubts regarding this domain name, as I am familiar with some services such as epik which are far less expensive than WordPress, but switching plan erased my doubts. If you still are enjoying the free plan however, I recommend If you only wish to change your domain name, it’s probably your best bet.

Added About page

I also published an about page yesterday. There may still be a bunch of things to tweak but, overall, I’m satisfied with the way it looks. I see this page as a possibility for you to know some more about me and, if you should desire to, contact me.

Have you checked it out ? What do you think about it ?

Collaborating ?

I’m not sure a blog post is the best place for this but I’ve been thinking about collaborating with fellow bloggers for some time (such as you reading this post). It’d allow me to learn more about the blogging community and (this I’m sure) grow 2 communities at the same time. 2 birds with one stone, right ?

* * *

If you want to read more from me, feel free to subscribe. I always remain curious to read your opinion in the comment section (there’s a lot to discuss with that change, right ?) but a like would make my day just as well 😀

Have a good one !



4 thoughts on “Investing in my blog

  1. The new changes will definitely boost your blog but if you want more tips&tricks about blogging you should join Facebook related groups. I am a member of a few and I’ve learned a lot in just a few days. The blogging world has changed so much in the past years, apparently…

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    1. Hi Christina, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I’ve been considering signing up on social medias like Facebook but it’s not really my thing to be honest. But thanks for the tip! For now I’m focusing on WordPress but perhaps I’ll eventually take the jump ^_^


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