What Is Your Reason For Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning ?

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

I am coming back to you with a question I find essential for all of us to answer. Not only me or some of you, but everyone in this world. Yet, so many people have never asked themselves why they are where they are and what they get up for every single morning. Is it because there is nothing else to do ? Is it because of their relatives, or parents ? Is it because they need to go to work ? Let us find out !

What do you get up for?

In my case, it varies. Generally, it is because I want to keep fighting for what I believe in. I want to keep doing what I enjoy on a daily basis. There are times reading motivates me a lot, so I tell myself that I get to read 30 minutes to an hour when I wake up the next morning. That gets me out of bed, even at such an early time as 5 a.m. Of course, I am not saying that one should wake up at 5 a.m every single day. You should follow a flexible system which will adapt itself according to your present reality.

These days, blogging, making videos, learning Italian, researching computer-related things is what motivates me most, for instance. So, this is what I do in the morning. What about you?

What About You?

What are your goals? What gets you through life? Do you even know the answers to these questions? Have even wondered once in your life? I assume all of us have, for it is necessary to have a strong motivation to move forward in life. To advance in the right direction. You know, there is a quote which goes like this:

We all have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one‘.


Are you going in the direction that you wish or, on the contrary, are you doing something because someone else told you it was better for you? If you do not know or are in the second case, I recommend you take a good look at what you are currently doing.

We should all strive to make every day count, for we only live once!

There is no time to go in the wrong direction or live somebody else’s life when one should be much too busy living their own. It does not matter whether you want to be extravagant, or out of the ordinary. Normality does not exist. It is merely an illusion which was invented for us to feel better about ourselves. Yet it is a terrible lie which you need to let go, for it is probably preventing you, right now, from making a dream come true.

Are You Willing To Change?

This is certainly the most important part. If you are not willing to change, your brain will always find all sorts of excuses to avoid a potential difficulty:

  • It is not possible to [replace with anything].
  • [replace with anything] has never been done before.
  • I am too old for [replace with anything].
  • I have never been good at [replace with anything].
  • I was not born to do [replace with anything].
  • I do not have the time to [replace with anything].

If you find yourself saying this often, you are probably suffering from a case of severe-hypocrisy-syndrome. Do not worry, it is a rather common pathology.

In case you would not be willing to change, I will only ask one thing of you: Please, please, please, stop saying ‘I do not have the time’. You have the darn time, you only do not want to take it. Everything in life is a choice that you make. Accept it! I even underlined bold words for you, that should show you how much I believe what I am saying.

As for the cure, you have always had it in your hands: stop saying and thinking that, find what you want, and act on it right now! Yes, right now! Change happens now, not later. Chances are you also have the mind of a procrastinator, just like I did. However, I am here to tell you that it is possible to change. Being a procrastinator is not a condition, but a choice, once again.

So, what are you going to do about it?


Do you know procrastinators or people who cannot get up in the morning? Are you or were you like this yourself? If so, would you be willing to change your frame of mind and finally do that thing which you have been waiting to do for so many years that you have lost count?

I only have four more words of advice for you, and they are the ones which have the most profoundly changed me when I only was eleven years old:

Listen to your heart

If you do, nothing can ever go wrong. If you do, nothing will ever stop people from seeing the amazing person that you already are inside anymore.

Take care,



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