Bilingualism & Why You Should Learn A Foreign Language

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You may not need to be convinced to learn a foreign language, since most of you probably are familiar with the benefits of bilingualism. I figured, nonetheless, that I would remind some of these benefits to you today and try to get you to make the effort of spending at least 10 to 15 minutes a day learning a second language, whichever one it might be.

It Improves Your Memory

This one is certainly the most obvious : learning languages, or poetry, or learning anything by heart on a regular basis will significantly improve your memory. Now, the problem with poetry is that it is not directly helpful, it will not get you out of a bad situation when you are in foreign lands (expect if you rhyme your way out of it, but it sounds unlikely).

Since there is a lot to memorize (tens of thousands of vocabulary items (verbs, adjectives, idioms, exceptions, grammar…), your memory can only be positively impacted in the long run. If you are looking for a solution against diseases that affects your brain (such as Alzheimer), learning a language can delay them or even help you avoid them. Since I am not a biology expert, I expect you will question these facts, and you would be right (there is a lot of BS online). So, make your own research and see for yourself that I am not lying to you.

It Improves Your Organizational Skills

This is an obvious side-effect too. You need efficient organizational skills if you want to learn a language. Otherwise, you will never thoroughly learn. It takes a lot of time and a proper environment (which you can entirely create by yourself), so you want to dedicate time to it, but also not to be idle during your sessions. If you choose to only study 15 minutes a day, they need to be intense.

Now, I am not going to tell you what works or not in this blog post, but I want you to know one thing : everyone organizes themselves differently, and you need to find YOUR way.

It Makes You Proud & Confident.

It is such a huge achievement, it is only natural it boosts your confidence so much. When you are bilingual, or polyglot in general, it feels like rising above the lot, like having something special. This does not mean that you are better than others, but that you have bettered yourself enough to be a great version of yourself.

A second, a third, or a Xth language offers

you a whole new world of possibilities.

It Feels Like Having A Super Power

When you speak English or any other second language better than all else around you, it feels like having a super power. It does. If you have gotten to that point in your learning journey, tell me in the comments!

It Broadens Your Horizon

With “horizon”, I really mean several things. First off, I mean your knowledge. Learning a language obviously implies familiarizing yourself with its culture and people. You may have to discover a whole new way of living. Perhaps you will not like it at the beginning, but you should include into your journey the acceptance of others’ ways. Just because they live differently doesn’t mean that they are wrong.

Since you will probably study history, geography and many other topics you would not have learned if it had not been for comprehending another language more deeply, it is only fair to stay it will greatly broaden your knowledge and viewpoint. It will undoubtedly make you more tolerant and understanding.

It Makes You Desirable

Yes, the one and last side-effect I thought of is this one : employers will be more interested in your resume, because they generally have a good idea of what it means to learn a foreign language. They know it makes you more “competent” (or, at least, appealing).

Come On, Pick Up A Language…

If you do it, you will be the most satisfied person you could ever be. There will be hardships, I won’t lie to you. Yet, if you find in you the strength to work consistently, even a few minutes a day, I swear this is the best choice you could make for yourself.

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