MageiaOS : A Quick First Look

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I was recommended a GNU/Linux distribution called MageiaOS only a few weeks ago by one of my YouTube subscribers. I thought it at least deserved a blog post and a simple video for you to discover it with me. I am not particularly interested in such distributions but, hopefully, some of you may find it more to your taste!

A Few Words Of Introduction

Mageia is a French project protected by the GNU GPL license. It has an active community and is so easy to install that even a child could do it with their eyes closed. The only bit which requires to think during the installation is when you accept the license terms. Even then, however, you would probably not have complicated thoughts. In my case, I was seriously hesitating between installing the only GNU/Linux distribution in the whole world which requires me to accept a license and flush it down the toilet.

I do not mean to be unfair, however.

I could keep criticizing and say that I find that the documentation is a real mess. You click on a link which redirects you to another link, which is very likely to redirect you to yet another link, and you have no certainty to find the particular piece of information you actually were looking for. Nonetheless, I will stop.

Indeed, I should be happy that a French organization created its own Linux distribution from Mandriva in 2010. I should also be happy that said organization makes my dearest operating-system more accessible to novices. As I said earlier, MagieaOS has a childlike installation, which means that whether you are novice, an intermediate, or a more advanced user, MageiaOS can offer you a whole new world of possibilities. You may use several desktop environments right out the box: Gnome, KDE Plasma, LXDE, IceWM… It certainly does not make it the best distribution out there, nor the most popular (or you would have heard of it), but it makes it a distribution worth considering and, perhaps, installing.

Its Installation

If you wish to know more about its installation process, I shot a video which should tell you more than a thousand words which most people nowadays could not even gather the concentration necessary to read them anyway.

An Unusual Sign-Off?

I am aware it has nothing to do with that but I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix yesterday and I would like to advise everybody who is reading these lines to have a look at it too. Our future and well-being depend on the behavior of every single individual in this world. Please take them seriously.

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