Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

This is no joke. Nowadays, normies spend most of their time on one single program : their web browser. What if one could strive to change this digital behavior, however? What if today was the day I managed to convince you to uninstall your display manager? If you are not running GNU/Linux or a Unix-like operating-system yet, I once heard that it is never too late


This blog post is here to raise your awareness. I would like you to think about why you need a graphical user interface. There are countless contexts in which you need none, such as watching movies or writing for your own pleasure. The content of this article does not apply to the workplace, although all developers would gain much in applying these tips.

A World Without Xorg?!

I expect most of you will not know this, but most things can still be achieved (very) efficiently without a graphical interface. Yes, my dearest mad-readers, you do not even need to turn on Xorg or Wayland to get anything done. You do not need dwm, qtile, xmonad or any window manager to work or study. You only need a TTY. Within a TTY, you can work in vim, write programs, use LaTex, watch movies, listen to music, and I am certainly forgetting A LOT of things which go beyond my imagination.

In said TTY, a whole world design to distract you completely disappears : Forget about YouTube, Netflix, Medium, newspapers, social networks… They will be nowhere to be found, and this is for the best!

A Recently Published Video?!

As you know if you have been following me for some time, I have been focusing on my YouTube channel for the past two weeks. As I am writing this, I cannot believe it has been two weeks, by the way. Time does fly by when you are having fun! Anyway, I published a video about optimizing your computer’s performance. I do not expect it to be perfect but I am proud of all the progress I have done with shooting videos.

I was able to trim out everything which I did not need, add a background music, I removed my intro and replaced it with an outro. I was also much more concise. This video is about ten minutes long, instead of fifteen.

If you wish to provide me with any feedback, feel free to do so in the comments or via email!

As A Summary

There are three key elements to optimizing the performance of your computer and your experience as a user. Yes, I said as a user too! After all, it is much more fun to be a power-user than a normie, right?

  1. Run programs which are less greedy: Neovim instead of LibreOffice, a terminal music player instead of one with a full graphical interface…
  2. Do NOT use what you do NOT need: If there is no need for a GUI for your present activity, do not turn on Xorg. If you do not need the internet, do not turn it on. You will naturally become more efficient since you will be less tempted to consume distracting content.
  3. Be willing to change: It is all well and good to say that I am wrong and delusional in the comments, it is some other thing to deny the truth behind my words. Do not be content within your comfort zone and learn something from this, even if you disagree.

Logging Out

If you could take even a mere pinch of awareness out of this article, I am certain your computer’s battery would thank you for it. Not only however. Your concentration certainly would too!

Any program to recommend? Any constructive criticism?

I hope you liked it and that it was helpful. If you did, consider supporting me by subscribing to my blog, via email or WordPress, or to my YouTube channel. You are also welcome to spend some more time here too!



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