Which Gnu/Linux Distribution You Use Does Not Matter

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I would like to use some ink on a topic which has already been explored at length, today : which Linux distribution should you run as your main desktop OS and why it does not matter. I know there is a lot of hate all over social networks from Ubuntu users (and other Debian-based distros) toward Arch users and vice versa, since everyone is convinced their ways are better than the others’.

One Needs Begin Somewhere

It is okay to be a beginner. It is okay to start with Ubuntu or Linuxmint or any other distribution, as long as it is a rewarding experience for you. If you are happy with Windows, good for you. Same with Mac OS. I am merely doing my best to encourage you all to be curious and open to new horizons. I know Linux is better for me, because I believe in Open Source software and I do not like all the magic taking place behind my back on Windows. This is why I am ready to sacrifice some of my time to always learn more and be able to set up my computer on my own. Life is short and one needs to pick their battles carefully. If picking an OS is not interesting for you, I get it. If others do not get it, do not waste your valuable time talking with them.

Debian Is Not Synonym To Incompetence

Some extremely competent people run Debian-based distributions as their main OS, so I do not believe one can take the shortcut of saying an Ubuntu user is less capable than they are only because they are running Manjaro or any other Arch-based distributions. Gnu/Linux is about freedom, not hate. I believe whoever is running Linux, whichever distribution it may be, has already made a huge step forward.

All Distributions Are The Same

Some people like spending time making lists with the most popular distributions or which one you should be hopping to. I believe it is a waste of time. Knowing the main distributions is obviously enriching for you. However you shouldn’t switch to Arch if you are happy with Ubuntu (or Slackware, for all I know). Whatever distribution you are running, you can do everything you would be doing with another (just not exactly the same way). One only needs to embrace diversity. Accept others even if they think differently. It is okay if they prefer desktop environments to window managers. We cannot all have the same preferences and interests, or life would be boring !

Haters Are Not Welcome Here

If you want to have a debate about Gnu/Linux, I would be most happy to oblige. I love all distributions, although I must say I love Vanilla Arch a little more (it is the one I have the most experience with, and I will not apologize for it). I love Arch for what it allows me to do and for the desktop experience I have had with it. However, this doesn’t mean it is the best in all cases. Gentoo has another philosophy I entirely agree with (though I haven’t made the switch yet) and I don’t consider Arch the most stable option for a server (I’d actually prefer Debian).

I was talking with a reader in the comment section of my article about Linux Mint and he just would not understand one simple thing :

I want my website to be a place of knowledge and curiosity. You are not on Twitter, or Reddit or any social network here. Whatever OS you may be running, you are not better than someone else because of it. If you want to hate, go and do it somewhere else !

Signing Off

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PS : I love Gnu/Linux !