Open Source Programs I Use Most Often

I would like to speak about my entire system’s configuration today, in terms of the programs I use the most often. I will start with the least obvious (that is the OS or Linux distribution) and go on to the most obvious (programs you run after the booting process is complete). I split this article into 3 main sections: Continue reading Open Source Programs I Use Most Often

Best References To Learn Linux

I am well aware that most of my followers are not Linux users, or even enthusiasts. Since most of you (I expect) are beginners or only curious about an Operating System you may have heard of only a few times, I figured it would be interesting to offer you some free advice on how to learn Linux on your own. Continue reading Best References To Learn Linux

Apologie de GNU/Linux

J’aimerais aujourd’hui vous parler de quelque chose qui a changé ma vie. En effet, je ne serais certainement pas là où je me trouve à cette heure-ci sans GNU/Linux, ce système d’exploitation si extraordinaire à mes yeux. Je ne serais certainement pas dans ma chambre, confortablement installé sur mon lit, en train de rédiger cet article. Je n’espère pas vous convaincre de changer, d’abandonner Windows ou MacOS pour cette merveilleuse mineure d’or. Je ne souhaite que vous faire découvrir l’étendu des possibilités qui pourraient s’ouvrir devant vous, si tel devait être votre choix. Continue reading Apologie de GNU/Linux

Which Gnu/Linux Distribution You Use Does Not Matter

I would like to use some ink on a topic which has already been explored at length, today : which Linux distribution should you run as your main desktop OS and why it does not matter. I know there is a lot of hate all over social networks from Ubuntu users (and other Debian-based distros) toward Arch users and vice versa, since everyone is convinced their ways are better than the others’. Continue reading Which Gnu/Linux Distribution You Use Does Not Matter

How To Install Linuxmint And Become A Linux User

My Dearest Mad-Readers, Today, I am re-publishing a post which may be of use to you and which I first released on my second blog todayilinux. Some of you may have noticed I re-organized my menu to make all categories more accessible to you. This way, tech and Linux enthusiasts won’t have to search for hours to find the articles interesting them and all of … Continue reading How To Install Linuxmint And Become A Linux User