My Personal Top 5 Favorite Musicals

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My Dearest Mad-Readers,

Let me share with you my favorite musicals. For each one of them, I will reveal my favorite song and add a link to a YouTube video (which do not belong to me). Beware, spoilers ahead…

High School Musical*

The first musical I have ever watched, and as such it is rightfully at the top of my list. The clip below is from HSM 2, and I feel nostalgic remembering when I was so much younger (like a decade younger) and SO in love with a girl who ended up trampling all over my heart. Needless to say, when you’re sad, this song is devastating. Let’s not forget a breakup is happening in this scene…

High School Musical


I recently discovered this musical, actually, and I have only listened to it. It was enough to convince me however, that this thing is AWESOME! It was recommended to me by a fellow follower (note the alliterations and assonances, please). She is actually my only email follower and one of my most fervent supporters in my endeavors (So thank you, I know you’ve recognized yourself)

As the title brilliantly suggests, it is about a man called Alexander Hamilton and who actually happens to be one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. So not only will you have a good time watching it (on Disney+?) but you’ll revise your history too.

One bird, two stone *bam!*


La La Land*

The fools who dream, this is my favorite song in this musical and I can tell you it is not easy to pick a favorite song in 2017’s best movie. Yes! You heard that little voice in your head right when you read these words : 2017’s best movie. This is the one movie which will inspire you to follow the hardest path. The one path you’ve always dreamed of despite the fact everyone always told you that you were wrong. This is the one movie that realistically shows you the reality of being an artist, how it often merely comes down to meeting the right person at the right time to succeed. This is the movie which will make you cry and make it seem impossible, and yet that will heartily scream that you should try and try again, fail and fail again, until you eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

La La Land

A Star Is Born*

Beware of your dreams, for they may come true. People rarely imagine that achieving so-called success is not paradise. People rarely imagine that money and fame are not all there is to success. Well, A Star Is Born is a perfect illustration of that. You have a renowned singer on one side. He has it all, and yet he couldn’t be more unhappy. He also incarnates the stereotype of the alcoholic artist, but let’s say it’s for a good cause. On the other side of that same coin, you have a talented young woman, known of none. If you wish to see the effect of success and fame, how it can get you to the top as well rip you into a thousand pieces, this movie is for you.

A Star Is Born

Country Crush*

I saved my absolute favorite for the end. Last but not least, or so they say! So few people know it, yet it rocked my world ! So, you know… I figured I’d share… There is a lesson to take out of this movie : to achieve success, there are no shortcuts. It’s either you put in the work, or you don’t. If you don’t, you already know the outcome. If you do however, you are giving yourself a chance to accomplish something greater. It is your choice then. Will you keep being negative and miss a unique opportunity which only belongs to you ; or will you pep talk yourself into putting in the effort and do what 90 % ridiculously consider as impossible ?

Country Crush

* * *

As I haven’t mentioned Grease* up above, let me at least say it is amazing and it deserves this small honorable mention. Have you seen these musicals ? How did you find them ? Tell me in the comments below ! I’m dying to know your opinion ! Oh ! And would you have any recommendations for me ?

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