What Is Love ?

If you read the various meanings of love in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, you should soon realize that this small 4-letter word has the potential to mean many many things. A mother and father can feel love for their children, a strong friendship between schoolmates or colleagues may be called love and sexual attraction is also defined as love. As love is a much more confusing concept nowadays, compared to a time when divorcing wasn’t part of getting married, I have decided to share my point of view with you. Continue reading What Is Love ?


Si la regarder t’inspire des poèmes c’est qu’elle t’attire. Si elle te lie c’est que tu as une chance de voir de l’importance dans l’étincelle de malice qui brille dans ses yeux gris teintés de vert Mais ne t’avance pas trop vite la flammèche illuminant son regard pourrait s’atténuer ou simplement s’éteindre. Ne prévoit donc rien. Laisse couler le flot des événements attendant ce moment … Continue reading Brûlures