What Is Love ?

If you read the various meanings of love in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, you should soon realize that this small 4-letter word has the potential to mean many many things. A mother and father can feel love for their children, a strong friendship between schoolmates or colleagues may be called love and sexual attraction is also defined as love. As love is a much more confusing concept nowadays, compared to a time when divorcing wasn’t part of getting married, I have decided to share my point of view with you. Continue reading What Is Love ?


If looking at her is inspiring, then she attracts you. If she reads you, then you have a chance at seeing importance in the malicious spark gleaming out of her greenish grey eyes. But don’t be in such a rush! The flame enlightening her pupil might fade out, or disappear entirely! So don’t anticipate anything! Let the flow of events drive you, waiting for that … Continue reading Burns