My Latest Videos & Thoughts As A Blogger

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

This will be another short post, since I have an announcement to make. Do not worry, I still love blogging just as much as at the beginning. However, I want to protect myself from growing tired of it. Metaphorically, I do not want to burn my wings too quickly, since my journey has barely started.

Having a schedule, or not having a schedule…

I have decided to stop publishing regularly. Now, what does this mean exactly? It does not mean that you will have content every three months or once a year, it means that picking one or two days within the week to publish an article is no longer functioning for me. It has been killing my motivation, (and inspiration, as a consequence), and I cannot keep putting up with this. I am aware that it is more convenient for you, as readers, to know when I am releasing an article.

Nonetheless, despite this fact, I have to accept that I am as I am, and this solution which works for so many bloggers to get more traffic does not match my profile. My freedom inspires me, and that restriction eats me up from the inside.

I also wish to focus more on YouTube, but making videos is extremely time-consuming. It requires creativity, but also confidence, the mastery of technical programs, and I have a lot of documentation to read since I wish to offer people quality content. I have so much to learn that it frightens me. Although it also is the most beautiful part : without learning, there is no journey. Right ?

My Latest YouTube Videos

If you want to know more about me, my struggles… You can find it all in my most recent video.

Here is another video I am quite proud of, which will tell you how to manually set up your keyboard :


I will keep publishing content weekly, but I want to focus on quality rather than blindly following a schedule. I am not saying I will never go back to publishing regularly, but it is not working out at the moment. If you have not read my latest articles, I had to come back from Italy. This means I had to re-organize myself, especially with the methodology I use to learn Italian. I focused on Italian a lot last week, watching Netflix but also speaking with natives who I met on (a website I seriously recommend).

Can you relate with this opinion ? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Take care,