What Is Independence ?

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

Today, I would like to discuss something that is most dear to my heart. Independence ? Yes, but more generally, freedom. I don’t have a clear and complete answer to this interrogation but I want to attempt and find one with you.

Shall We Define Independence

The ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people

Source : The Online Cambridge dictionary

If one should trust this definition, here is what one may understand : one is independent if one fulfills several conditions. One has to be capable (or able) to live one’s life (which means a life that suits one’s aspirations) without assistance of any sort from any other party or being influenced by them. This implies that you not only need to be financially and physically independent, but you also have to have your own mind.

Otherwise you shall never be entirely free.

Are You Mentally Independent ?

Do you feel independent ? Are you mature enough to claim to be independent ? Are you mature enough to realize what consequences being independent entails ? Do you feel responsible for your decisions and do you fully accept them ?

I believe it is necessary to answer these questions to know whether you are independent. If you cannot, chances are you have not reached a mental state of independence yet. I think it is essential to have your own ideas, and for that you need to be curious. If you let others influence you, you cannot be free from others’ opinions.

Are You Financially Independent ?

Do you have the means to be independent ? Have you ever had a 9 to 5 job ? Can you live on your own however small or lonely your apartment may feel ? Can you pay for your own food ?

Again, these questions need be answered if you want to know whether you are independent or still relying on somebody else. Honestly, I find these questions quite limiting since they only apply to our current social and political systems. I believe they should rather be : Can you provide for yourself ? If money did not exist, there would not be such a thing as financial freedom. There would only be the issue of finding food and shelter. I suppose this is what I mean by financial independence : Can you survive on your own ?

Are you Physically Independent ?

Do you have a driver’s license, a car ? That’s not what I mean by physically independent but it may contribute. The idea is that you are capable to go from point A to point B without relying on anybody else but yourself.

I do believe that using transportation systems such as buses count as being independent. After all, we’re all interdependent, even with a car. When you have a car, you depend on gas suppliers and mechanics. Roads need to be maintained, and you aren’t doing it (except if it’s your job). If you have a bike, you may be able to maintain it yourself but it does not mean that you could build a new bike if yours ever needed to be replaced.


I am not certain anyone is 100% independent in our current society. We have grown used to completing tasks for others, which makes us all interdependent. However good and well-intentioned it may be, I believe we should all strive to be as independent as possible from one another. The more you know, the fewer are the odds to be manipulated or influenced in a way which you might regret.

So rise people !

Educate yourself, and become free as the air whilst you still can!

Signing Off

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