The Lucky One

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The Lucky One* is an American romantic drama movie which was released in 2012. It is inspired by Nicholas Spark’s novel*, which was published in 2008. I watched it whilst ironing, not giving it my full attention. As you will probably judge me for that, I will merely say for my defense that I was not into it straight from the beginning. I did give it its chance, but I did not manage to let go and be drawn into the story, as a good book tends to have this effect on me.

It starts on a battlefield with our main character living a quite traumatizing event – or at least it would be for most of us – and realizing that you need to go through dark to get to see the light. At first, I was convinced and intrigued by the story and truly wondered how it was going to go. Perhaps I missed the whole point of it by finding it predictable but I was expecting something different, and I really got more of the same from this Nicholas Sparks’ book adaptation.

I did watch it through to the end, and it was not such an ordeal. I enjoyed it, so it is proof it is not a bad movie, just another piece of art ever following the same identical tasteless recipe. I say tasteless because it has become so. It was not so when Sparks began publishing, but it is because there is not enough change in his stories. You always follow characters who end up hooking up by the second part of the story, argue over anything by three quarters and get happily together at the last minute (The Best of Me being the exception to that rule).

Anyway, I am aware this is not a long and detailed review, but I didn’t enjoy this movie enough to spend hours wasting ink on it. I would still recommend it, since this goes down to personal taste and experience with Sparks’ work. If you disagree with me, do tell me in the comments. You may also like and/or follow this blog. I would be happy to welcome you as part of this community (however madly virtual it is)!

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