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My Dearest Mad-Readers,

Does everything always come down to money ? I do not believe so. Yet, not only can money contribute to your happiness and well-being, it is also necessary to survive in our capitalist society. As I am giving my best to grow this blog and deliver quality content to you, I have decided that I want and will continue striving to earn a living writing online. I used to think ads could fix my problem, but that involved selling my soul. As my soul is priceless, I will keep it and you will not hear about ads ever again here. Instead, I will present you several ways to protect yourself from them and one of the many other ways I have chosen to earn a living with my blog.

Quick Disclaimer

If you were diagnosed an allergy to sarcasm or dark humor or if your doctor told you that you are suffering from a rare case of sensitive-soul syndrome, I am sorry but you should not proceed any farther.

Do Protect Yourself From Ads

If you want to consume less, you should first reduce your exposure to temptation. Ads incarnate temptation, so choose to remove them and defend your privacy and freedom at the same time!

Erase Your Cookies From Time To Time

Ideally, you should do this on a daily basis. Even each time you are done with a session. Let’s not freak out however. Even I wouldn’t do it every day, because it’s just a pain (in all honesty, it really is). As a conclusion, just do it as often as possible. Once a week, once a month… erase it all, and get a clean slate. If that may be called so, in an era when everything is saved in some Google, Facebook or Amazon server, ready to back-stab you whenever you become a nuisance (be careful, this last sentence was explicitly paranoid).

If you are feeling motivated, press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

If you don’t know where one of these keys is located on your keyboard, your best-friend Google has you covered. Wait… Did I really say best friend?

Remove Your Browser History

This one is a must, sorry to break it to you. It is a matter of survival, just as much as money. Yep, you see what I mean. If you don’t want people sniffing around in your browser history to check what you have been watching… what better way than deleting it ? Now, the fact that you enjoy adult movies will still be a little secret you share with your internet provider but, at least, it will no longer involve a sudden break-up.

Again, you may press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

Use An Ad-Blocker

If you have never heard of ad-blockers, I believe the only thing I have left to do is announce your family that I did everything I could... Just install ad-blocks, okay ?

Use Another Search Engine

Let’s stop using Google. I mean it. Instead, try out DuckDuckGo or SearX. Both of these will respect your privacy where Google will just spit on it and act as if it had never existed.

DuckDuckGo Search Engine
DuckDuckGo Search Engine
SearX Search Engine
SearX Search Engine

Browse The Web With Brave

Brave browser download page

I once wrote an article about curiosity, a quality I highly value. Online, curiosity not only is your best friend, it is an ally in this vicious war which we fight every single day to keep our freedom. Privacy has already become a myth because of social networks, but it does not mean it is the time to give in to mediocrity! Wake up and start looking for alternatives, instead of lazily clicking ! There are myriads of them. Opensource communities keep growing by the day. Aren’t you tired of being lazy and assisted ? If you are, then change your mindset. Stop looking for easy and instantaneous, look for effortful but rewarding.

What is the brave browser, you ask ? Just click on the link and it will re-direct you to the official website. They are much better than me explaining their own business. In case you are wondering, I have been using brave for a while and I highly recommend it. Ditch old-sport Google Chrome and come aboard. Hey, and you know what ? Brave automatically blocks ads, isn’t that awesome ?

Amazon Affiliate Program

I will not enable ads on my website. Not because it would be for pennies but my soul and I are good friends and I don’t intend to break up with her just yet. Yep, my soul’s a she, ya got a problem with that?

I am however partnering with amazon so… You may support my efforts by clinking on the links which are followed by an asterisk. I figured a partnership with Amazon would be the least obtrusive way of earning something with my blog. Anything that may endanger your experience as a user doesn’t interest me. So, if you aren’t interested in a product I recommend, do ignore the asterisks.

For my fellow bloggers who don’t know that Amazon has an associate program, I encourage you to check it out. I’m not saying you’ll earn much, since I haven’t even started at the time I’m writing these words, but I do believe it is worth trying. As are all associate programs actually, but I won’t speak another word of Facebook and the kind. I’m having a great day and I don’t want to ruin it, if you don’t mind.

Do you want to live from your passion?

If the answer is yes, do something about it.

Signing Off

I hope you had a good time reading this post and that you learned a thing or two. Perhaps you found out you have a critical mind ? If so, beware, some people don’t like sarcasm before 8 in the morning.

Ahem! Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me. Feel free to share this article if it’s worth your friends’ time. There are buttons somewhere on this page with social icons and all, I think. But you certainly know better than me, in this area. A like or a comment would come just as appreciated. You may also follow this blog and become part of our awesome gang. All you need is click, no ad-blockers to install (pinky swear) !

All the best,


P.S : Please, stick around for more 🙂


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