Wolf’s Cry

Photo by Vladyslav Dushenkovskyi on Pexels.com

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

Once again, I have a dose of prose for you. This is one of my very first poems, so I figured it only makes sense I share it with you. What could be more poetic than a wolf crying to the moon ?

* * *

The lone wolf sings for the moon, which enlightens the night. She carefully listens to it, as well as its singing-along brothers. Thus they share this evermore-refined moment, as they sit far from each other. They are free, and this freedom defines their happiness and singularity. Yet, through the darkness of that night, one shadow’s song differs from all the others’. It is no praise, but a howl to death. That obscure shape implores her beloved moon which always has kept watch over her. Such a beautiful cry of despair, perfectly conveying its profound loneliness…

* * *

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