Hellish Chronic Whiteness

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My Dearest Mad-Readers,

Re-publishing old posts can truly be a blessing. I believe this poem about an author lacking inspiration did not get the attention it deserved when I only had a handful of followers. Since this blog is a lot about sharing my work, I added a feature image to it and entirely changed the introduction. Enjoy !

I am here
Computer on
With no ideas
Nothing to explain
Or criticize
So I merely write
Without a lot to say
I remain plain
Facing this blank page
Which longs for me only
Calls for me only
Yells at me
As the music murmurs
In my ears
That all I need do
Is follow its call
I let myself go
Into this vain poetry
The music speaks to me
The page is so beautiful
But so empty
I want her
And can’t help it
Though I may run
I never reach it

Thanks for spending the most valuable currency there is reading this post. I hope you liked this poem ! If you did, feel free to let me know by liking, commenting, sharing &/or sticking around for more. There are quite a few posts to read, since this is my fifth month blogging. You can also follow me (via WordPress or Email) if I am good enough an entertainer, and be sure that even greater content is yet to come !

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