What You May Do When You Cannot Sleep

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My Dearest Mad-Readers,

As I couldn’t sleep last time, I had the idea to write this article : there was at least one positive aspect to my insomnia. I believe there always is something positive hidden (sometimes with a lot of dedication) behind something negative (it’s actually called a blessing in disguise). Don’t you ? Alright, so here is a list of things you could do when slumber won’t strike you down.

Go For A Walk

Do you ever go on a night stroll ? This is an activity I’m most fond of and it’s particularly effective to clear a clogged mind. I haven’t done it in a while but trust me when I say it’s exhilarating. Especially so because the night is full of wonders which a soul living in daylight will not pay much heed to. Once in a while, dare look up from your smartphone screen, and observe the starry sky…

Write Down Your Thoughts

This one can be helpful for many reasons. If you are afraid of forgetting what the night is murmuring into your ear, perhaps getting up and switching on the lamp on your bedside table could be a bright idea (you caught the pun, I’m sure you did). To be honest with you, it is the one I abuse of the most. Whenever an idea smites me, I have to smash it back onto a sheet of paper, before it is gone forever. Before it becomes… lost poetry.

Read A Good Book

I insist on good. If you have poor tastes, perhaps you should consider restraining yourself from opening such sacred an item or even laying eyes upon it in the first place. Should I add up that I’m joking ? Ahem… So yeah, essentially, a book will do the job. Just be careful with page turners, alright ? The idea is to eventually sleep, not to spend the whole night reading.

Draw Something Pretty

Don’t draw if you cannot draw. If you don’t have it in your DNA, forget it, it’s not possible. Read a book instead. There are good books about learning to draw, by the way. So, buy one up and read it. Beware, there are practical exercises in them and doing them is absolutely useless. It is known. So just rip those pages out* and finish the book as quickly as possible.

*Don’t man! A noble soul shan’t mistreat a book, haven’t you read the Bible ? (I couldn’t say where, there are a lot of pages, but I’m sure it’s in there okay!)


As long as you’re in the right mindset, meditation is for everyone (and every position fits…).

Let’s be serious for a second and push sarcasm aside. Meditation is about many things. Relaxing is one of them. So focus on your breathing and forget about all else. All else. There aren’t any set-in-stones rules when it comes to meditating. So just keep it simple : Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel okay for a few minutes.

What You Shouldn’t Do (IMO But It’s Still Scientifically Proven)

Struggling to sleep is no good reason to spend more time on your smartphone or your computer. These evil F*ers will only keep you awake the whole night and won’t allow your brain to rest. So have some self-love and leave them off and as far from your bed as possible.

Thank You

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Ladies, Gentlemen, it is my pleasure and honor !