Why You Should Always Strive To Be Curious

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I believe I have already told you that ideas are everywhere. They truly are. As a concrete example, I will tell you what inspired this post : an idiom. Not just any idiom, mind you, an idiom which I am most fond of, for it reminds me of some powerful experiences I had which led me up the path I tread this day. A path I wish for you to follow too, if you desire so, as it makes me most happy.

Curiosity Killed The Cat ?

You must be familiar with this saying parents (and teachers?) use to warn their children of the negative consequences of curiosity. Well, let me tell you this : It is a BIG FAT LIE.

When I was a kid, I deeply believed that curiosity was a bad trait. I associated it with being nosy and annoying. People don’t like being asked questions, and hence there are questions which should better remain unanswered. That, I can agree with to a certain extent, as long as said questions are personal (or confidential, of course).

However, I would argue that the ones who spread such ominous words often forget the second part of the saying.

Curiosity, Gateway To Endless Learning

The complete saying is : “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. Yes, people, curiosity has the potential to be deadly! But doesn’t everything have such potential ?

Curiosity is a healthy addiction, and sugar isn’t. But do you ever warn your kids about sugar ? Do you ever tell them that evil sweetness is just as ravaging as putting your nose where it doesn’t belong ? (If you do, please don’t say it here, it wouldn’t serve my point.)

Curiosity is the origin of an endless thirst for learning which shall never be quenched, but we should happily accept this fate. Curiosity is the essence of life. It fuels your motivation to live on and, without it, what would we do ? Curiosity makes sharing possible, when your neighbor comes about and genuinely ask you about your job, your wife, your son, your new promotion… Curiosity makes you a good researcher and, above all, a good listener.

Curiosity isn’t a bad trait. No, it is a quality people (you, me, them, us, you know what I mean…) should cultivate. Focusing on mastering one trade IS good, but being curious of other trades is even better. It should remind you that you don’t know everything, that you can be clumsy at times too. If you’re into history, shouldn’t you naturally turn to geography instead of forever focusing on one character or one decade in a forgotten century? If you like geography, shouldn’t you naturally become interested in politics, economics, and whatever you can think of. What if you don’t consider yourself a scholar ? Does it mean you should not be curious of all trades or topics ? I do not believe so.

Curiosity And Humility

Curiosity is also here to remind us to be humble. What did Socrates say ?

“I know that I know nothing”


That’s right, this is what Socrates said. Or at least, what Plato wrote, because I hold no proof whatsoever of Socrates’s existence. Knowing that you know nothing (like Jon Snow) is one of the only certainties you can ever have in this life, and I find it most humbling. It’s when you think you can’t sharpen your skills any sharper or learn something new that you are in danger. In grave danger. When you get into this mindset, you leave space for depression. When you get into this mindset, you stop learning. And when you stop learning, well… Can life still make sense ?

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    1. Hello Rachel, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this. It means a lot to me 🙂 I agree with you, curiosity contributes to satisfaction, although I’d say in our whole life. It makes us learn more, gives us more credibility as a direct consequence and tend to make us more organized & creative. That’s one skill I wish was more cultivated in schools, like methodology. But I guess it’s just one more thing the school of life needs to teach us ^_^

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