My Conclusions After A Week Of Blogging Full Time

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

If you have read the post I published on Monday, you know I set a challenge for myself this week. I decided to publish an article everyday to see how it would go. Well, here are my conclusions now that Friday is upon us.

Blogging Is Community-Oriented

I truly understood that this week. If you aren’t part of the community, promoting your work and helping others grow, then your blog will likely never take off. Blogging is an act of sharing. We should be grateful for the attention we get and help back the ones who help us. Thank you all for dropping by and reading this ! 🙂

Blogging Is Hard Work

This heading essentially means that blogging is a full-time job. Yes, you read that right. A full-time job. There is SO MUCH to do everyday : jotting down ideas in a text file, drafting articles you intend to publish in the days to come, writing a blog post for the day, polishing it, publishing it, promoting it (going to others’ blogs, being actually interested in their work takes time & you need to find the blogs that will interest you too in order to appreciate their contents) and if you still have some time, detail one or two more articles so that you only need to tweak them before publishing them the next day or so you can schedule them.

Blogging Is Fun

When you have your own website, you can write about anything. You are entirely free to pursue all your passions, which is what I intend to do. I always believed that I was too “dispersed”, that I liked too many things and it would be hard to pursue all of them. Blogging showed me a way to combine everything I love, and I am grateful for that. Most grateful ! (Thanks everyone!)

I have always been pretty good at organizing myself & much less good when I had someone bossing me around. I see blogging as an extraordinary opportunity to do what I love everyday while inspiring (hopefully enlightening) others’ days as well.

I Am On Fire ! Are You ?

This month is the one this blog goes wild, I am telling you ! Today is July tenth and we have already bested the last three months put together in terms of stats. If we can do that in a week and a half, what are we capable of in a whole month ? Are you with me to try and reach 100 followers this month ? Doesn’t it sound like a great challenge we can overcome together ?

If you want to support me with this challenge, feel free to subscribe (you get to be warned whenever I post some amazing article), like (if you liked this post), comment (cause I’m sure you have something to say) or even share. Perhaps someone else you know would be interested in this blog ? Spread the word ! The more the merrier, right ? 😉

Take care of yourselves,



6 thoughts on “My Conclusions After A Week Of Blogging Full Time

  1. The first point is golden. I’ve been ‘blogging’ for some years now, and only in recent months did I learn about the community aspect of it. It’s very underrated, and writing alone won’t assure that your work will be read.

    I now balance between writing and networking but boy does it really take a lot of time. Thanks for sharing, Phil!

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment Stuart 🙂 It’s exactly what I realized and it can be frustrating to a lot of people, but talent or hard-work alone don’t make us likable.
      This community aspect gives us a great opportunity to grow together however, and I don’t want to overlook it anymore. Especially when we can have such conversations !


  2. Hah! I see many things completely different from you, Philippe. Blogging for me is a thing I can do in complete solitude, fuk all community stuff. I would even go on blogging if I was the last living person on earth. I do it for myself but somehow gathered over 400 Followers, a handful of co-bloggers and made many enemies. =^.^=

    I detest all social networking stuff and prefer to be a socialist over a socialite. 🙂 My blog’s main focus was for the longest time about sailing in Second Life, a very social virtual world. I satisfy all my social needs there. And sometimes I don’t even log on for weeks, because I don’t wanna deal with other avatars.

    And no, blogging is no work. I always blog what’s on my mind, fresh from my brain into the keyboard … add my photos … bit of proofreading … and send!

    And I never watch my statistics, couldn’t care less. Blogging is no sports for me.

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    1. It’s okay to stay away from the community. I won’t stand against that. I would even defend it, because at some point in my life I was exactly like that, and there’s nothing wrong about it. It just didn’t satisfy me anymore.

      I’ve stayed away from social networks from so many years I was surprised to enjoy blogging so much, to be honest. I was surprised to enjoy its community aspect, positively that is.

      Blogging doesn’t have to be seen as “work”, not in the negative sense at least. It is very time consuming, especially when you’re as passionate about writing as I am, but it’s not work like any other job you may have.

      I’m really happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Otherwise I would never have had such conversations with you ^_^ I think if I was the last person on earth, I would destroy all computers and would stick to pen and paper xD I find it so much more satisfying, but there’d be no Linux so I’d be a bit sad ^^

      Plus I find sharing more satisfying than keeping my writing for myself. What if it makes someone happy, you know ? What if it changes someone else’s life ?

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