What I really want this blog to be about

When I first started this blog

I didn’t really know where I would be heading as a blogger. I am passionate about many a thing and I have never been great at picking just one of these things. As this blog is growing, I see it more and more as a way to combine all these activities I love and skills I have mastered or keep sharpening (let’s face it, mastering a skill is but the beginning of the journey).

My online presence

Before beginning blogging, I assumed it was similar to having a social-media account. Having a blog changed that mindset. It couldn’t be more different, in the sense that you can be productive when you blog. You aren’t just swiping on a screen, you actually have to create and give value to the people who read your blog posts.

Quite recently, I also experimented with a second blog on a completely different topic (GNU/Linux), which I named todayilinux but it wasn’t as satisfying as I believed it would be. When it comes to Linux, I reckon I am more comfortable with the video format. This doesn’t mean I am experienced with it but I am even more excited to learn. Somehow, starting this blog gave me the courage I needed to also start a YouTube channel (I’ll put a link to it at the end of this post) and I am grateful to all of you for that (and blogging in general)!

This is why I decided to delete that second blog. I kept the blog posts, in case I ever choose to publish them somewhere else (like here, perhaps?), but the blog itself is gone. One blog is enough, I believe, to share with you all that drives me and, hopefully, inspire you.

A general blog ?

I’ve been thinking about traveling lately. Just packing up and go on some big journey with a mere backpack. Not yet certain whether I’ll do it or not but I seriously consider this possibility, among others (like finding the typical 9-5 job). If I went on such a voyage, needless to say I’d keep you updated. I’d also like to shoot more videos, not necessarily only about Linux (as most of you aren’t familiar with it, I assume) but whatever comes to my mind. Have you ever done something like that ? Packing up and go without knowing when you’ll be back ?

I want to have a general blog, even if it’s a huge risk. I know people always tell you to find a niche and stick to it but the truth is, I just can’t choose what I like most. Plus I don’t really believe in this niche thing. Not for me. It does work when you want to have a business (we’ve all seen the result on YouTube) but I don’t see my blog like this. I see it as a way to share my passion with you (and get to know you as well, in the comments section?)

Perhaps some of you can relate. Have you ever felt torn because you couldn’t just pick one path out of the myriad of possibilities you had ?

So much to learn, I have…

I guess we’re all in the same boat. We never feel ready. We don’t know enough. That’s how I feel about my YouTube channel. Less so with my blog, because I’ve always been more comfortable with writing. Not that I’m sure about what I’m doing but still more than with my YouTube channel ^_^

Anyway, as promised, below is a link to my latest video if you’re curious to see (and laugh). Your feedback is welcome, of course, as you probably have more experience than I have.

My latest video about the Qtile window manager

Even now, as I am about to press the publish button, I can’t quite figure out whether I have proofread this post enough… Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and click on the like button if I deserved it. And don’t forget to have a great weekend !


4 thoughts on “What I really want this blog to be about

  1. While I’ve been writing a lot about writing lately, my blog is probably as general as it can get. I say do what you want, because having a niche or not doesn’t really matter if you’re putting out great content, such as this post.

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    1. Thanks Stuart, it’s very encouraging and it makes a lot of sense! I must say I had a lot of doubts regarding the type of content I wanted this blog to be about. When you like too many things, it’s difficult to make them compatible. Someone who likes poems won’t necessarily like tech articles, right ? But you’re right, in the end it’s all about the pleasure we find in blogging and what we learn from one another.

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