Thank you !

Hello fellow mad-readers,

I wanted to write a short post today to thank all of my first 14 followers for subscribing to my blog. I am entirely new to this and your trust means much to me. It motivates me to keep publishing here. I know it is not much compared to others, but I do not care. 14 followers does mean a lot to me. So thanks for clicking the subscribe button and I hope you will be a part of my blogging journey for some more time. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed 😀

As a side comment, I would like to add that I recently published another tech-oriented blog. I am curious and want to try as many things as possible, so I started that new WordPress blog to keep myself updated with tech-related knowledge but also to help my readers if they ever need said help.

You may find this blog at this address :

As its main topic is meant to be GNU/Linux, I find it easier to shoot videos to illustrate my words than with poetry or short stories (it is rather obvious, is it not?). The videos you will find on will also be posted on YouTube and (if, like me, you are growing more and more interested in the opensource alternatives of proprietary software).

Alright, that is it for this short post.

Thanks again!


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