Private Tutoring: Find Me On Italki & Superprof!

My filming skills have significantly improved. I am very proud of the last two videos I shot, respectfully for my Italki and then WellSpeak application. Since they are unlisted on YouTube, I thought that I could add them down below for all of you who would be interested in seeing how much I have progressed in a few months. Please, do not hesitate to give me constructive feedback via email or in the comments. Continue reading Private Tutoring: Find Me On Italki & Superprof!

Idioms Teaching Valuable Lessons

Whether you are learning a foreign language or expressing yourself solely with your mother tongue, you all have come across these idiomatic expressions which we all use at times. Today, I wish to list some of them along with the enriching lessons they can teach us. Continue reading Idioms Teaching Valuable Lessons

How To Learn A Foreign Language

It is well known that mastering a foreign language is key to thoroughly understanding its culture and, if you intend to stay abroad for a long time, you definitely want to consider learning the local language. If you still need to be convinced that learning a foreign language is in your best interest, I recommend you read up this article. If you have not decided which language is right for you, then this article may help you out. Continue reading How To Learn A Foreign Language