My Experience As An Au-Pair In Italy

I have been in Italy for an entire month. This is the third long trip I take, the first one being my CELTA and the second also was in England (near Oxford, as it happens). I believe it is now time to share with you my travel experience but also that I describe to you my language journey in a little bit more details. Let us not forget that I am a linguist indeed… Continue reading My Experience As An Au-Pair In Italy

YouTube Goals, Dwm + St & Other

This post is a little special, since I am writing it to describe my situation and my current state of mind. I would also like to share my latest video with you, which I am quite happy with. It is not yet perfect, I am well aware of it, but I have made significant progress which I am really proud of. For those of you who usually do not read my tech-related articles, do scroll down because everything here will not be about tech. I will tell you bits and pieces of my trip to Italy too! Continue reading YouTube Goals, Dwm + St & Other