Testing Out Artix: Another Flavor Or Arch Linux

Artix is essentially Arch Linux, except without systemd. It sounds a lot like what I am looking for, since it will allow me to run openrc. However, it is not a parent distribution. I would really like to read your opinion in the comments. I have been saying for quite a while that I do not see the point in installing the fork of another distribution, yet this time Artix really is bringing something interesting to the table. Continue reading Testing Out Artix: Another Flavor Or Arch Linux

Distro-Hopping Again: Confronting Distributions & Their Philosophies

For about one week or a little bit more, I have been thinking about distro-hopping again. I have enjoyed myself on Gentoo, I really have. I discovered USE FLAGS, C FLAGS, an almost flawless documentation, compiling every program from source, overlays (which are the equivalent of the Arch AUR, if you aren’t familiar with them), and countless other features which are specific to Gentoo. Continue reading Distro-Hopping Again: Confronting Distributions & Their Philosophies

Down The Gentoo Hole

Once upon a time, a fervent Arch Linux advocate desired to switch to Gentoo. Not only his own kin had recommended it to him, but his research had also led him to believe that it was the promised land from his wildest dreams. Yet he never once had dared and taken the first step on that formidable journey. His eternal thirst for knowledge, but also his quest toward absolute freedom eventually succeeded in convincing him. This is how, after many a year roaming through the Arch realm, dear Phil Wayne made up his mind and took the plunge down the rabbit hole, straight into the abyss of Gentoo Land. Continue reading Down The Gentoo Hole

From Arch Linux To Gentoo

The day has finally come for me to take a drastic step as a Linux user. A step I have been waiting to take for long enough. If you have read the title, you must have guessed it : As I am writing these very lines, my time on Arch Linux is running to an end. Goodbye my dear friend! The adventure has been memorable, and you will always remain in my heart. Yet I need to move forward and quench this insatiable thirst for knowledge of mine. I need even more freedom. I need Gentoo. Continue reading From Arch Linux To Gentoo